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Adafruit Motor Shield Pin Structure and Software Functions

Adafruit Motor Shield , I’m talking from pins, libraries and software.Why the most preferred, is making rapid prototyping. First, the library board to look at the overall structure of the pin and then use the card and I’ll explain the meaning of the function. Using the library card is also a great advantage in terms of software.


Brain Waves Sensor Using

Electroencephalography (EEG) to measure brain waves with the electrical process method. Brain Waves Sensor makes the measurement using this method. According to the electromagnetic waves of different thoughts and behavior during the operation of the human brain it is spread. (3-50 Hz) at different wavelengths for each different signals at different power behavior and thoughts.


Arduino Using NRF24L01 Rf Module

We use two Arduino communicating Bluetooth or RF modules.In this project I will talk about the use of NRF24L01 transceiver module.
You can use it easily to your use of this module is very easy and good range of projects.In addition, power consumption and price in uygundur.düşük 2.4GHz frequency operation gives us the advantage.


Most Used Motor Drives And Its Uses

In robotic systems or projects engines are commonly used.The signals from the microcontroller can not directly control the DC or stepper motors.Use for integrating signals from integrating the driver for that controls the motor according to its current raising.It made such a bridge using integrated transistors.There is also use to make it easier for the driver circuits.


Two Arduino Communicate With Bluetooth

In this project we will do with the two Arduino Bluetooth communication.Bluetooth module for Arduino is one of the modules are widely used in wireless communications.HC-06 and HC-05 module will explain how to communicate with each other.First, the administrator to do a wireless communication module (master) which is managed by other modules (slave) should be mode.Hc-06 Bluetooth module works only in slave mode.Therefore, we will take fashion HC-05 module master.Also one of the most important advantages of this module is the easiest way to master the passing fashion.Then explain the HC-05 module master fashion set.