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RFID Card Reader Voice Project

In this project we will do the voice rfid card reader project with Arduino.There are many projects done with RFID. But it is registered by saying that our project is registered in the card aloud while others define identity, we will have made a difference in a different application, saying the name of the person who registered. But first, let’s talk about what is working and rfid system.


Color Reader Speaking Robot

Hi friends, today we will do a very useful project with Arduino.By detecting the subject’s color with the color reader speaking robot voice will tell the color aloud to the user.This project is also a social responsibility project.The learning of children of color in the young age of this project will contribute to a large extent,educational teaching system with a system that will contribute to a large extent.


Alarm System DC Motor Speed Control Project

In this project I’ll make the Alarm System DC Motor Speed Control with the accelerometer.But we will add the warning system according to which in addition to speed. So what this system can help us? For example, according to the slope by placing accelerometer on the robot can adjust the speed of the autonomous robot of the motor. Tilt the engine to provide more power than is giving rise slope. In addition, the next project will control the system via Bluetooth wireless.


Most Used Motor Drives And Its Uses

In robotic systems or projects engines are commonly used.The signals from the microcontroller can not directly control the DC or stepper motors.Use for integrating signals from integrating the driver for that controls the motor according to its current raising.It made such a bridge using integrated transistors.There is also use to make it easier for the driver circuits.


Two Arduino Communicate With Bluetooth

In this project we will do with the two Arduino Bluetooth communication.Bluetooth module for Arduino is one of the modules are widely used in wireless communications.HC-06 and HC-05 module will explain how to communicate with each other.First, the administrator to do a wireless communication module (master) which is managed by other modules (slave) should be mode.Hc-06 Bluetooth module works only in slave mode.Therefore, we will take fashion HC-05 module master.Also one of the most important advantages of this module is the easiest way to master the passing fashion.Then explain the HC-05 module master fashion set.