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Arduino Color Sorter Project

In this part of our own robot build project, I will talk about making arduino and robotic product based on colors. In our past projects we had applications with color sensors. In this project,...


Arduino Matlab Object Tracking Robot Making

Make your own robot by image processing with MATLAB in this part of our project, I’ll tell the robots made following the red object.Our project consists of two phases.MATLAB first phase will handle that part of the image.The second stage, according to information coming from MATLAB with Arduino section we manage our robot.In general, our project lines in this way.Now we can begin the construction of our object tracking robot project.


Arduino control Hexbug Spider

‘Make your own robot’ will make this part of our project hexbug spider robot control system Arduino-based control system with turning control various functions.The control system will complete our project by providing both by telephone and computer.


Arduino Self Balancing Robot

‘Make your own robot’ project will describe the construction of our plant in Arduino Self Balancing Robot in this section.Tell controlled android version of our previous projects we.This Is our project to move to...


Talking Robot Artificial Intelligence Based With Arduino

‘Make your own robot’ project will do our talking robot with artificial intelligence-based Arduino in this section.Than in our previous project we made our robot we checked into the phone’s voice command.This project that...


Voice Commands Controlled Robot

The Voice Commands Controlled Robot will move with what you say your command.This project has aimed to move our robot according to said command.Performs functions in the algorithm that corresponds to the spoken command...


Robot Arm Control With Hand Movement

The robot arm can be controlled in several ways.This project is not controlled by hand gestures, arm allows us to control more comfortable and precise. The components used in the project: Arduino Nano Arduino...


Arduino Line Follower Robot

Arduino Line Follower Robot working principle: It follows the line in two different ways : To follow white lines on a black backgroundTo follow a black line on a white background Information about robots: Infrared...


Arduino Obstacle Robot

‘Make your own robot’ project we are going to transform this part of the remote control car moving barrier crash autonomous robot.The car will be placing our circuit will make its circuit with Arduino...