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MP3 audio file playback from SD Card with Arduino

Hello friends will play reading extension wav mp3 audio files from SD card to use this module in our application. Using our previous projects we have done this wtv020 mp3 module. In this application, we’ll play them the same way audio files without using this module.


RFID Card Reader Voice Project

In this project we will do the voice rfid card reader project with Arduino.There are many projects done with RFID. But it is registered by saying that our project is registered in the card aloud while others define identity, we will have made a difference in a different application, saying the name of the person who registered. But first, let’s talk about what is working and rfid system.


Color Reader Speaking Robot

Hi friends, today we will do a very useful project with Arduino.By detecting the subject’s color with the color reader speaking robot voice will tell the color aloud to the user.This project is also a social responsibility project.The learning of children of color in the young age of this project will contribute to a large extent,educational teaching system with a system that will contribute to a large extent.


Making Magnetic Detector With Arduino

In this project we will do mentioning the magnetic sensor using a simple magnetic detector with Arduino.In our project, the alarm will be activated as soon as the magnetic field is detected, and it will understand that the magnetic field.


Arduino Using NRF24L01 Rf Module

We use two Arduino communicating Bluetooth or RF modules.In this project I will talk about the use of NRF24L01 transceiver module.
You can use it easily to your use of this module is very easy and good range of projects.In addition, power consumption and price in uygundur.düşük 2.4GHz frequency operation gives us the advantage.