Author: Sezgin Gül


Arduino control Hexbug Spider

‘Make your own robot’ will make this part of our project hexbug spider robot control system Arduino-based control system with turning control various functions.The control system will complete our project by providing both by telephone and computer.


Two Arduino Communicate With Bluetooth

In this project we will do with the two Arduino Bluetooth communication.Bluetooth module for Arduino is one of the modules are widely used in wireless communications.HC-06 and HC-05 module will explain how to communicate with each other.First, the administrator to do a wireless communication module (master) which is managed by other modules (slave) should be mode.Hc-06 Bluetooth module works only in slave mode.Therefore, we will take fashion HC-05 module master.Also one of the most important advantages of this module is the easiest way to master the passing fashion.Then explain the HC-05 module master fashion set.


Arduino Self Balancing Robot

‘Make your own robot’ project will describe the construction of our plant in Arduino Self Balancing Robot in this section.Tell controlled android version of our previous projects we.This Is our project to move to...


Talking Robot Artificial Intelligence Based With Arduino

‘Make your own robot’ project will do our talking robot with artificial intelligence-based Arduino in this section.Than in our previous project we made our robot we checked into the phone’s voice command.This project that...