Arduino Self Balancing Robot

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    • Stormy says:

      , of all the possible choices I agree that Centacare is one of the least bad. But having followed the senate inquiry closely, I do;#182&7nt think the concerns being raised are unfair.

  1. André Donizete says:

    Hello, good morning. Am technical school student , I’m 16 years old , have a scientific design of an inverted pendulum for people users of the wheelchair . I am in the assembly of the prototype , and I’m using almost all its components , such as the one Arduino , I’m using MPU6050 , and the bridge h L298d , however this bridge h is not the keyes , does this code will function normally ?? I am very grateful to be can answer me and give me some tips for I am a little confused in this part ! Thanks for attention.

  2. André Donizete says:

    Thanks for the info , however my bridge is different … h has the same chi only that it is less. You could also tell me why you guys uses Enables the bridge h ? Thank you have a good day.

    • Sezgin Gül says:

      You can also use other hi bridge. But this drive is working stable, Is an advantage .Checking for errors that use the library. If you use another driver you have to change the code.

  3. Josephine says:

    where do you place and connect the 3 piece potentiometer? (in detail please!)
    what is the resistence of the potentiometer? b10K?
    What is the LiPo battery voltage?
    if you add weight to the top of the robot will try to balance work it out?

    • Sezgin Gül says:


      the 3 piece potentiometer are signal pins Analog 0 , Analog 1, Analog 2 wear. Lipo battery use 7.2 v 1050 mah . The engine can put weight enough to meet the torque.

      • Josephine says:

        where do the other legs of the potentiometer get connected to then?

      • Zack says:

        Hi,i am students.i am 14 years old.i have a competition for following month.i need to create my own project.i have plan to make self balancing robot.because it suitable for my theme”automotive”.so i need you help to make this project.Can you show me 1 by 1 how to make this project.i’m so appreciate if you can help.i really want my project be success.Or if you have problem to show me the schematics you can show me by sending a video.

  4. Josephine says:

    where do the other two legs of the potentiometers get connected to?

  5. shubham says:

    while uploading this code in ardiuno uno , em getting error .

    C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\balance_robot\balance_robot.ino:1:20: fatal error: PID_v1.h: No such file or directory



    compilation terminated.

    exit status 1
    Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Uno.

  6. Oatania says:

    I have some questions
    1. Which is the interrupt pin of MPU6050 on the arduino board?
    2. I found “originalSetpoint = 174.29;” wrote on your code, How can you get that value?
    3. when i uploaded the code to my robot, the robot did nothing and the serial monitor showed me
    Initializing I2C devices…
    Testing device connections…
    MPU6050 connection successful
    Initializing DMP…
    Enabling DMP…
    Enabling interrupt detection (Arduino external interrupt 0)…
    DMP ready! Waiting for first interrupt…

    Could you help me pls, thank you for your great project 🙂

    • Lois says:

      Nope. 14 stories is still a lot. I dub you prolific. (I can’t get more than about 10 out at any given time, though including recent rush of flash prtdcuoivity, I might be at about 14.)

  7. SAHIL says:

    Im done with all connections but i am stuck at ”
    Enabling interrupt detection (Arduino external interrupt 0)…
    DMP ready! Waiting for first interrupt…

    Not getting what to do!

  8. suman says:

    SEZGIN GÜL wow nice project its really beautiful

  9. suman says:

    hi i am geting error at mpu 6050 what to do can you help me please
    Initializing I2C devices…
    Testing device connections…
    MPU6050 connection failed
    Initializing DMP…
    DMP Initialization failed (code 1)

  10. Josephine says:

    hi so i’ve replicated the robot however regardless when the power is turned on the wheels spin non-stop. however when tested the out puts of the arduino to the motor stepper are working fine and react to the position of the gyro. any thoughts?

  11. Muhammad Mustafa says:

    sir, can you explain this error please
    “fatal error: I2Cdev.h: No such file or directory

    #include “I2Cdev.h”


    compilation terminated.

    exit status 1
    Error compiling.

  12. 121213 says:

    In which platform you had programmed this??

  13. Varun says:

    I did the same as given and everything works but my motors are not starting mpu6050 and Uno are working properly .how much volts do I need to run the whole thing.can u send me the whole circuit diagram of Uno and h- bridge because the image given is not clear.please help me with these things.

  14. Varun says:

    Can u please inform me because I have to submit it please .

  15. James Madden says:

    I found and added the #includes but I get this error?
    C:\Users\CatsLab\AppData\Local\Temp\ccjQ3coy.ltrans0.ltrans.o: In function `__static_initialization_and_destruction_0′:

    C:\Users\CatsLab\Documents\Arduino\balancing_robot/balancing_robot.ino:21: undefined reference to `MPU6050::MPU6050()’

    ANy clues?

  16. Mersede says:

    hi sorry i have problem with this cod .it gaves me a lot of error.just i copy and then paste it

  17. makram says: having a problem .its typing DM/P ready! waiting for interrupt…
    and it stops here, what does this mean?

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