cropped-icon.pngChildren, basic and social sciences by stimulating the curiosity of young people and adults to improve their knowledge of applied science and technology, society, learning enthusiasm, provide discover happiness and try to make an environment that is exciting, verbal visitors, analytical and improve scientific thinking skills and develop in society creative ideas, new knowledge, promote the discoveries and inventions, and provides the setting for discussion, serves as the training programs of schools and industrial applications, and that the public schools and to strengthen communication.


We’ve spent the ‘robimek.com’ system in order to contribute to the Maker movement to life.In particular, draw their attention to the children of robotics and robotic systems have created a platform to open source software by providing a simple way by simplistic robots.


10931408_10202327582991034_3828067062150275408_nFounder / Sezgin GÜL :I receive a degree in Ataturk University Department of Mechanical Engineering.I’m developing a project on the section parallel robotic systems.Constantly eager to learn new things, expert in my field issues, which can be taught myself, who likes active work, it has a dynamic personality.


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