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Adafruit Motor Shield Pin Structure and Software Functions

Adafruit Motor Shield , I’m talking from pins, libraries and software.Why the most preferred, is making rapid prototyping. First, the library board to look at the overall structure of the pin and then use the card and I’ll explain the meaning of the function. Using the library card is also a great advantage in terms of software.


Brain Waves Sensor Using

Electroencephalography (EEG) to measure brain waves with the electrical process method. Brain Waves Sensor makes the measurement using this method. According to the electromagnetic waves of different thoughts and behavior during the operation of the human brain it is spread. (3-50 Hz) at different wavelengths for each different signals at different power behavior and thoughts.


MP3 audio file playback from SD Card with Arduino

Hello friends will play reading extension wav mp3 audio files from SD card to use this module in our application. Using our previous projects we have done this wtv020 mp3 module. In this application, we’ll play them the same way audio files without using this module.


Arduino Matlab Object Tracking Robot Making

Make your own robot by image processing with MATLAB in this part of our project, I’ll tell the robots made following the red object.Our project consists of two phases.MATLAB first phase will handle that part of the image.The second stage, according to information coming from MATLAB with Arduino section we manage our robot.In general, our project lines in this way.Now we can begin the construction of our object tracking robot project.