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Two Arduino Communicate With Bluetooth

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    In this project we will do with the two Arduino Bluetooth communication.Bluetooth module for Arduino is one of the modules are widely used in wireless communications.HC-06 and HC-05 module will explain how to communicate with each other.First, the administrator to do a wireless communication module (master) which is managed by other modules (slave) should be mode.Hc-06 Bluetooth module works only in slave mode.Therefore, we will take fashion HC-05 module master.Also one of the most important advantages of this module is the easiest way to master the passing fashion.Then explain the HC-05 module master fashion set.

    Hc-05 settings:
    Uploaded the Arduino software.

    #include <SoftwareSerial.h>
    SoftwareSerial mySerial(10, 11); // RX, TX
    void setup() {
    pinMode(9,OUTPUT); // key pin
    Serial.println("Enter AT commands:");
    void loop()
    if (mySerial.available())
    if (Serial.available())


    If there is no output module key in your pin taken out from the module with a cable 34 pins ..This pin is the key pin which is.


    Attach the other pin except VCC pin of the bluetooth module after installing the software.Hold the button on the module’s put the pin to the 5V Vcc pins and buttons I leave.If the LED flashes at intervals of 2 seconds module on the module is ready to AT commands.Now we can make changes in the module with AT commands.Whether you want the arduino serial monitor screen in ‘Tera Term’ You can use the program.Sometimes you can not get answers from the Arduino serial monitor.We ‘Tera Term’ will make using the program.This program can get answers smoothly.

    Download the program >> Tera

    Let’s follow the steps below.

    • File >> New Connection Select the type of connection from the serial port denote the Arduino board is connected.
    • Setup Terminal >> Setup click on the  section.

    Let’s settings, as shown in Fig.



    • Serial screen ‘AT’, then we send the answer ‘OK’ when the phrase came hazırdır.şi Now you can get the AT command Bluetooth module for master mode with the AT command.
      ‘AT + ROLE’ expression module in which mode is the factory setting gösterir.zat as they come in slave mode.
    • ‘AT + ROLE = 1 we get typing module master fashion.AT Commands:
    • AT + NAME: Displays the name of Default
    • AT + ADD: Indicates Default address
    • AT + VERSION: Version Shows
    • AT + UART: Set the Baud Rate ‘s show
    • AT + ROLE: Master or Slave not show the state (1 = master / slave 0 =)
    • AT + RESET: remove the settings reset mode and the EC
    • AT + Orgler: return to the factory settings
    • AT + PSWD: Shows the default password

    >> AT + UART = 9600 baud rate have made 9600 the value of this expression.Hc-05 Bluetooth module that can communicate with the master mode and HCR-06.

    Hc-06 module if you just want to change other settings yok.fakat need to do to work in slave mode settings the same way you make a connection to the module is not the key pin to 9 pin gerekecektir.b do not need to make a connection.

    In the sensing area while the other two open Bluetooth connection will automatically install.

    Hc-06 communication made with the example of our project hc-05 can see from the link below.



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